As we go into 2011 (our 12th year in business) we want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support. We really value and appreciate your business and hope to continue serving you in 2011 and beyond.

In this issue of NGM eNews we'll discuss a new functionality module that can be implemented into your Edit On Site CMS to help you grow your business. We will also note a few new bits of info that relate to NGM.



Affiliate Manager Module


Affiliate Manager is an affiliate and referral management system. This module allows you to recruit, manage and build an army of online affiliates that can help promote your products and services throughout the Internet.


How Affiliate Manager can help you build a successful affiliate program.


Affiliate Manager is used to help you recruit and manage affiliates as well as give them exclusive access to marketing and promotional tools to promote your business.


These tools have unique tracking codes that your affiliate can use so that any referring customer that they send to you ensures they will get the proper commission for it.


Affiliate Manager will also help you manage most of the aspects of your affiliate marketing strategy from signup, to member management, to payment of affiliates, and to keeping proper records of commissions. It will help you create and manage your affiliate marketing tools such as banner ads, text links, etc.


What Affiliate Manager Offers.


1. Powerful Administrative Console - Affiliate Manager allows you to create different types of affiliate programs depending on what your needs are. These include any of the following and their combinations:


  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Pay-Per-Sale
  • Pay-Per-Lead
  • Pay-Per-Action


 You can set commission amount per each qualified action and frequency - how much you will pay affiliates and when you will pay it. The options include:

  • Different payment actions (sale, revenue share, lead, click, or hybrid)
  • Payment frequency (how often you'll be paying affiliates)
  • Minimum payment or payment threshold (amount an affiliate must earn to generate a commission payment)


2. Flexible Integration with Virtually any Payment Processor / Shopping Cart -  Affiliate Manager will integrate with pretty much any shopping cart, payment processor, as well as any other modules that generate qualified "conversion event" per your affiliate program.


You can choose to pay only for a "conversion" event when visitor is taking a desired action on your website. The converting action (qualified event) is usually a purchase, but could be other actions like:


  • Make a purchase
  • Become a register user
  • Become a qualified sales lead
  • Take a Quiz or Survey
  • Read an article
  • View a portfolio


3. Simple Commission Management - Affiliate Manager greatly simplifies the commission payment process. Once an affiliate has earned a commission you will receive an email notification with a link to the Administrative Console where you can approve/disapprove the payment and send a PayPal payment in a click of a button.


Optionally, you can let the affiliates choose the way they want to receive a payment:


  • By check
  • By direct deposit
  • Through PayPal


4. Easy Affiliate Signup and Management - Affiliate Manager creates multi-step affiliate signup form which guides an affiliate step-by-step through the signup process.


The affiliates are able to select a different payment options, choose ads and promotional materials and get a Reports & Monitoring Gadget which can be placed on any webpage. The Gadget will allow them to track visitor activity, display performance graphs, monitor the earned commissions and more.


At the end of a signup process the affiliate receives a confirmation Email with all program details and instructions.


5. Wide Variety of Marketing and Promotion Options - Promote your products and services through your affiliates effortlessly by giving them access to banner ads, text ads, text links, hover ads and so much more. You can see an instant ad preview and upload banner images on the spot.


The Affiliate Manager will generate HTML code snippets automatically and will display them to your affiliates in the member's area.


6. Analyze Your Affiliates Performance - Affiliate Manager gives you access to a number of reports and graphs for affiliate, website, and commission analysis. You'll know exactly how your affiliates and your marketing tools are performing. 


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New Host Server

NGM has recently acquired a new dedicated hosting server to provide added performance and upgrades for new and existing website clients.


Website Redesign

NGM recently redesigned its website.  If you haven't already, please check it out.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.


Price Increase

With the cost of business increasing, we must adjust our pricing to continue to provide a high level of service, to stay competitive and remain profitable.  As of January 1st, 2011 NGM has increased its hourly rate by $25 and the cost of a new installation of our Edit On Site by $250. 


About NGM

Narrow Gate Media is an experienced Indianapolis-based website design and web marketing firm, primarily serving small-to-medium corporations, associations and non-profits, in Indiana.