Many of our past newsletters have discussed things you should do in order to get better results from your website.  This one lists some things you should not do when considering your next website presentation.

Red Flags of Website Presentations

If ever there was a red flag telling people to stay away from your company it's a website presentation that includes the following:

  • Huge bold headlines,
  • Copious amounts of text,
  • Bright yellow highlighted key phrases,
  • Photos of smiling semi non-attractive customers,
  • Photos of smiling attractive nonexistent staff,
  • Lots of useless free stuff,
  • Loads of bulleted points with big red check marks,
  • Numerous testimonials on pale yellow backgrounds and quotations in Courier with more bad photographs,
  • More extra bold, underlined, red text,
  • The phrase "But Wait, There's More" offering more useless free e-books you'll never read and special bonus gifts you don't want or need,
  • Lots of "ClĂ­ck Here To Order" buttons,
  • And finally make sure you bury the price at the bottom of over 5000 words.

The entire presentation could be made in two minutes using a cost effective video presentation delivered by a professional. Yes, it may not be search engine friendly, but it will help sell your product more effectively.

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Client Spotlight 1 
Indiana Collegiate Action Network (ICAN) is a statewide advocacy coalition of colleges and universities working together to address high risk drinking and other issues that impact the wellness of students and others on campus, as well as individuals in the surrounding communities, through education and evidence-based environmental strategies. ICAN is part of a larger national network of institutes of higher education.

Client Spotlight 2

New Century Sales, Inc. is a leader in the Electrical market in the state of Indiana. NCS realizes the importance of the relationships between Manufacturers, Distributors, and Manufacturer Representatives for which the Manufacturer's Representative is the conduit. This is essential to a successful and profitable business relationship. We take pride in our manufacturers, and take advantage of every opportunity to garner the most essential information to help our distributor partners make informed buying decisions.

Client Spotlight 3

HealthQuicken was developed by Dr. Gregory Oliver, a family physician, who worked for years in his medical practice to help his patients lose weight and become healthier. Our goal at HealthQuicken is to help you reach your optimal level of health. A healthy body starts with a healthy weight. You will soon be healthier, leaner, energetic, feeling great, on less or no medication and looking fantastic.

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