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Social Media Marketing Considerations

Mar 12

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Social Media Does Not Comprise the Whole Internet
It is true social media has come out fast and strong over the last few years.  That does not mean you need to use every one of the different social sites available. 

A lot of sites are labeled as “social” but it doesn’t make sense to target everything because of that single label.  Find out which sites your audience uses then choose the right combination of its strengths for your campaign.

Social Media Can Be Time Consuming
Unlike traditional advertising campaigns, social media requires a time commitment to be successful.  If you think just having a Facebook page is enough then you will probably fail.  Social media requires your time to connect to the target audience and build their trust and willingness to follow your message.

Social Media Advertising
Social media advertising can be very effective.  The ads are very targeted to the user’s interests, age and activities.  This highly targeted audience will come at a steep price though.

Youth doesn’t always equal Experience
While today’s youth are probably well versed in social media like Facebook and Twitter that does not mean they have the skill set to run a social media campaign.  It is best to hire a person or company based on their experience level and success with social media campaigns.

Traditional Marketing
Just because social media is the newest and hottest thing to come out you should still keep some of your dollars in traditional marketing.  This is especially true if those existing marketing campaigns are doing their job and pulling in business.

Stay Professional
The social revolution has brought with it an heir of informality.  Things like improper grammar, poor language or inappropriate content do not have a place in professional social media campaigns.  Remember to keep the end user’s values in mind when creating your messages.

Websites and Social Media
Your social media campaign should go hand in hand with a properly prepared website.  Make sure your website is configured both visually and with content, which is matched to the social media traffic that will arrive.  Cross promoting your website articles with “like” buttons and links back to your social media pages will complete the experience.

Make Decisions on the Right Metrics
A lot of companies will base their social media campaign success on the wrong metrics like Twitter followers, Facebook likes or Google plus-ones.  You will never get rich by having a lot of followers.  Whatever the overall marketing plan is, make sure your social media supports converting those followers into sales.

Social Media is New
Do not expect your social media campaign to increase your sales just because you have a Twitter account or a Facebook page.  As with most other forms of advertising there are no guarantees, but if properly managed a social media campaign can be an effective way to expand new markets and build relationships. 

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