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By Tom Vaught on 7/25/2011 1:45 PM
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By Tom Vaught on 6/2/2011 1:41 PM
We often get requests for help in building a website solution for someone or some entity, not surprising since we are an Indianapolis web design and SEO company.

However, more often than you might think, the requests come with a need for a translator because many people simply don’t know what they want or how to ask for it. Obviously if you have never been involved in a web project before or you are not coming to us through professional business means, this is understandable.

The fact still remains, many times people are simply unrealistic in their expectations of what a website can and can not do, what it takes to be successful and how much it costs.

We continue to be surprised by the number of people that want to have the next Facebook or eBay site, or “you know, something simple and easy like”.

What many people don’t realize:

A)  It’s more difficult to make money on the web than you might think. Turning a profit can be difficult, especially when your goals are high....
By Tom Vaught on 3/3/2011 2:39 PM
With many web designers in Indianapolis to choose from, it can be tough to figure out who you should hire. Here are some quick web design facts that you can consider when searching for the right firm.

Flash intros or entire flash websitesFlash animations are cool and eye-catching, unfortunately major search engines like Google and Yahoo can’t see it, read it or index it. They index text. This means flash is not search engine friendly, which can hinder your efforts to rank highly in the search engines. So make sure to use flash sparingly and only in certain instances, for example in the header of a page or within a page’s content area to draw attention to a particular item, but almost never just because “it will look cool”.

Optimized PagesStats show that most users will only wait a few seconds for the page to load. Furthermore, users will only wait up to 20 seconds for the whole page to load. If they load any slower than that, you can count on them leaving, hitting the back button, etc. Your site and its pages must have a good balance of graphics and text and must load quickly. 

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